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Meadow Plantings to Replace that Traditional Lawn

Are you looking for a more low maintenance and environmentally friendly way to spruce up your landscape?  Think about trading in your traditional lawn for native grasses or ornamental plantings.  John Greenlee, an advocate of replacing traditional lawns with native … Continue reading

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Low Maintenance Design In Eastern Minnesota: A Feminine Touch

Talk to Germaine Ross on any given day of the week and you will literally feel the passion she has for low maintenance, eco-friendly landscape design.  “There is something about how rain gardens, native plantings and edible landscapes work together … Continue reading

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Strawberries and an Eastern Minnesota Summer: Perfect Picnic Combinations

What better way to spend a summer morning than picking a few items from your garden for a fresh summer picnic?  What’s in bloom right now in our Eastern Minnesota landscapes?  Berries of all sorts are popping up all over … Continue reading

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Where have all the Bees Gone and why should we care?

Sitting outdoors one afternoon, I notice a lonely bee buzzing around my marigolds.  Landing then zooming away to bother the birds bathing in my birdbath, then it makes a beeline (pun intended) straight for my glass of iced tea.  As … Continue reading

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Beyond Herbs: Edibles in your landscape design

Ever since we shared the blogs with you regarding container gardening, I have been thinking about edibles for the garden.  Some of the questions that are running around my mind are:  Why should we plant edibles in our gardens?  How … Continue reading

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Water Wise Drainage

Did you know that 70% of homes have failing drainage- either from inadequate systems or improper installation?  In an age of record-breaking weather events and increasing need for water conservation, finding smart ways to use water and installing proper drainage … Continue reading

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Farm to Fork Outdoor entertaining with locally grown foods

Did you know that May is National Barbeque month?  Now that you’ve got your backyard space planned, designed, planted and all ready for summer fun, let’s get to the good stuff. Outside entertaining is the ultimate joy.  Some of the … Continue reading

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Planning an Outdoor Living Space

As summer comes ever closer many of us start looking and remembering that we have an outdoor space to enjoy. Our outdoor spaces are sometimes underutilized, if not completely forgotten. Most homes have some type of outdoor space that can … Continue reading

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Grow your own Salad in a Container!

What could be better than growing your own salad ingredients?  Nothing, would be my first answer. It’ll get me outside, get me helping my environment and get me eating healthier, perfect.  This nifty little video shows you just how!  Take … Continue reading

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Herb Container Gardening

Nothing says back to nature better than using fresh herbs to prepare culinary masterpieces.   Just imagine a kitchen filled with the aroma of fresh thyme, rosemary or sweet basil.  One easy, eco-friendly and fun way to get fresh herbs is … Continue reading

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