Cooling Off In the St.Croix River Valley

Wow! The 90+ humid temperatures sure make some of us Northern Mid-westerners nostalgic for winter.  Well, maybe not winter, but we would like to find some fun way to cool off.  So how do we survive the summer heat and still keep ourselves active and in touch with the outdoors?  Simple, take advantage of the gorgeous St. Croix River Valley’s vast attractions.  From kayaking on the St. Croix River to swimming at Bellaire Beach at White Bear Lake, our friendly communities offer many ways to get out, enjoy the area and keep cool.  Osceola even hosts an evening under the stars with music in the park!  Once the sun goes down, St. Croix and Polk counties are the place to be this summer!  Check out these other cool down tips.

  • Make some spa water to help you keep hydrated, key to staying cool outdoors.
  • Build a Pergola and a water feature in your back yard, the sound of flowing water will remind you of flowing creeks!
  • Plant some beautiful shade trees in strategic places in your yard (our landscape designers can help with this one.)
  • Wear loose breathable clothing and Sunscreen!

Remember, you can stay active and enjoy our gorgeous environment, just remember to be safe and drink plenty of water!

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