Drought 2012 Encourages Water Conservation in Western Wisconsin

While not yet on the scale of the Great Depression era dust bowl, the summer drought in the United States is wreaking havoc on the Midwest.  From increases in dairy prices to the devastation of Western Wisconsin corn crops, 2012’s record temperatures, July was the second hottest month in Eastern Minnesota, are causing heartache everywhere. Even though, here in the St. Croix River valley we saw more rain than other Mid-westerners, we must still continue to be diligent in our water conservation efforts.

National Drought Monitor Map. Midwest


Over the last few months we have given you many different ways to incorporate low maintenance landscaping principals into your own outdoor spaces.  As advocates of our earth and community minded people, the St. Croix Valley Landscaping team invites you to take some time to honor our earth and make some small changes toward conserving our Earth’s most precious commodity, water.

Maybe we can’t make it rain, but we can, through rain gardens, preserve and utilize the rain that does fall to the best of our advantage.  We can remember to turn off the faucet while brushing our teeth and we can plant some native “prairie” plantings that use little water to survive.  As we wait for the temperatures to go down and the trees to begin showing their majestic fall colors, take a moment to look around you and help us all make the St. Croix River Valley a little bit more sustainable and a little bit more green.

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