Grow your own Salad in a Container!

What could be better than growing your own salad ingredients?  Nothing, would be my first answer. It’ll get me outside, get me helping my environment and get me eating healthier, perfect.  This nifty little video shows you just how!  Take a look then come back here to learn a little more about the plants Lisa used in her container.


Easy Peasey Container Gardening



Sweet basil is a must for so many recipes, from caprese salads to pesto sauce; this is an herb you can’t miss.  Grow your own and have a fantastic, iron rich addition to your summer barbecues!

Cherry Tomatoes:

You already know that tomatoes are tasty, but did you know they are powerhouses in the nutrition arena as well? Sweet, juicy tomatoes are full of health benefits, from antioxidants to vitamin C, they offer so much more than just a quick little snack!



Who knew such a vibrant and beautiful flower could be so tasty.  With a slightly peppery taste, reminiscent of arugula, the edible nasturtium plant is a must have in salads!  It’s good for you too, containing all those beneficial flavonoids and vitamins.  Top a fresh strawberry salad with nasturtium flowers for a pretty presentation and little extra kick!


Imagine serving up a fresh salad at your next gathering knowing that you grew it all yourself. Look at you being all sustainable and eco-friendly, see how easy it is?

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