MidWest Winters are No match for a Rain Garden’s Resilient Nature

You all know about now that we here at St. Croix Valley Landscaping are wild about our rain gardens.  From their overall appeal, beautiful colors and environmentally friendly aspects, we truly can not get enough.  Rain Gardens are a low maintenance landscape designer’s dream.  So as winter begins to set in, we definitely pushed the envelope getting the Target/Kohls installation done, but wow what a team effort!  That’s a post for another day.  Today let’s talk about preparing that Wisconsin Rain Garden for a long winters’ nap.


Well I should say, a couple of winter catnaps.  Your winter rain garden really doesn’t completely hibernate in the sense that it stops working.  Underneath the ground all of those biological process are still working to keep your rain garden a porous water filter, and above ground those plants that you haven’t cut back are still doing their environmental work.

If you choose to not cut back your plants they make perfect winter havens for some birds and wild life, the seeds can keep those animals who might stick around fed.  The seeds can also help cultivate new plants for the next growing season.

There is no doubt that Rain Gardens are spectacular and with all their native plantings, they hold their own through the biting Midwest winter’s cold.  Not only surviving but thriving and keeping up their environmental work.

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