Musings on Low Maintenance Landscape Design in the St. Croix Valley

Everyday we get questions like, why does your company focus on sustainability and low maintenance landscape design?  The answer is all too simple, we believe that this is the only world we have and it is our job to be stewards of the nature that surrounds us.  When Germaine and Scott began St. Croix Valley Landscaping, they each drew on their past experiences and professions for inspiration.  Germaine was in the health care industry working as a nurse and Scott was an Engineer.  Taking both a love for health and healthy living and combining it with a passion for design, they began to see how they could make a difference in our environment one landscape at a time.

Low Maintenance and sustainability don’t mean that you have to give up beauty in design.  There is a special draw in simplicity.  From  native plants you get the wild, untamed views that nature has already figured out are pleasing.  From rain gardens you get to harness the peaceful sounds of water and the soothing rush of a tiny streams.  When we look a the majesty of our St. Croix River or are able to take a walk in the silent woods surrounding Whitebear Lake, we see why we chose Osceola as our settling point and why we chose low maintenance and environmentally sound landscaping as our  profession.  What could be better than living well, living eco-friendly and living so close to nature?  In our book, nothing.  We hope you enjoy our designs and enjoy the simple outdoors!

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