Ornamental Grasses are catching on in the Midwest

Long know as the darlings of autumn, Ornamental Grasses are growing in popularity.  If you are considering a landscape redesign or are just looking to spruce up some existing plantings, check out the versatility, longevity and low maintenance draw of these gorgeous plumes!  The drama and carefree beauty that these native grasses can bring to your Wisconsin landscape are unparalleled in the landscape design world.   Take a look at why ornamental grasses are well worth a look for your low maintenance landscape redesign.

Low Maintenance Majesty

Once established, ornamental grasses are super easy to maintain.  They are resilient to the point of surviving extremes in weather from a wet and rainy spring to the hottest of mid-western summers.  Not only are they hardy, but grasses also lend versatility to your space.  From a more manicured look to the naturalized woodland prairie design, ornamental grasses fit in seamlessly.  Oh, and most are virtually disease and pest free.  What could be better?  Here are a few to look  for in our Western Wisconsin and Eastern Minnesota climates.


Feather Reed Grass

Its slender yellow spikes begin to appear in the cool of the late spring weather.  The bright golden hue can last well into winter.  These can grow up to 4’-5’ in height.

Photo Credit Bungee

Tufted Hair Grass

This dark green beauty can begin growth in early summer and peaks in late August and can grow up to about 18” high.

Photo Credit: Geocaching.com


Little Bluestem

This widespread US native is an effective ground cover used for erosion control.  This naturally blue foliage turns a spectacular bronze to flaming-orange color in fall that will last well into winter.

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