Rain Gardens with Family Time in Mind

Looks like fun!

Glad to see you coming back each week to check out this discussion about Rain Gardens.  By now you have tons of information about how to design and plan your garden, now let’s talk about how we can take our knowledge and use it to create some quality family time.  Oh I know that families are important out here in the St. Croix River Valley and I am certainly happy to offer you ways you can make your rain garden planning a favorite family activity.

Make planning a family event:

Enlist the kids’ help when it rains.  As a rainy day activity ask them to sit out on your covered patio or look out a window and draw a picture of your yard.  Have them include how the rain travels in your yard when it reaches the ground.

After the rain, have them use a measuring stick or ruler to measure how “deep” the puddles left by the rain are.  This helps you evaluate where to put your rain garden.

Flower Lists:

Have kids make lists of their favorite flowers and colors and then create a scavenger hunt out around your neighborhood for their favorites.  Kids can take photos of what they find and bring them with you to your landscape design meeting.

Creature comforts:

Have your children learn about which plants will attract beneficial insects, birds, and amphibians to your garden.  Then armed with their new knowledge, they can draw or create a shoe “box” habitat for their favorite creature.

Once your garden is established, enlist their help in “spotting” the new creatures as they come!

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