The ABC of Low Maintenance Landscaping Part 1: A-M


A:  Always plan your design with an experienced Low Maintenance Landscape Designer

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B: Borrow inspiration from everyday items.  Reusing and Recycling unexpected things like, tires, old pails, even milk jugs can make for some interesting planting accessories.

Great re-use idea from

C: Capture the Rain to re-use in your garden.


D:  Design with both aesthetics and function in mind.


E:  Edibles make great landscaping.  Use edibles everywhere you want color, function and beauty. What could be better than getting to eat what you sow?


F:  Functional landscapes are those that encourage biodiversity, use water efficiently and reward you with the way they look and low maintenance upkeep.

Nick Draws Birds to his yard.

G: Gardening should bring you joy.


H: Healthy people are those whose lives are balanced.  Eco friendly design helps bring you back into harmony with nature and being outdoors enhances your health.


I: Investing in your yards’ appearance, upkeep and function is a wise plan for your future.


J: Jeweled Shooting Star and June Grasses.  These two native plants make great additions to your low maintenance yard and Jeweled Shooting Star is considered an endangered plant, so reviving it would be a nice feather in your eco-friendly hat!

WI Herbarium's Photo is perfect!

K:  Keep in mind that you are changing the way you interact with your environment!


L: Less maintenance means less working in your yard and more enjoying it instead.

M:  Maintenance (yard-work that is) will soon become a nice rather than naughty word at your dinner table!


Check back in a few days for Part two: N-Z…hmm wonder what we’ll say??

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