Water Conservation: Rain Gardens

There are many natural resources on Earth that we humans take for granted.  One of the most precious of these is, water. Yes, good old H2O as some may say.  Did you know that of all the water on this 3rd rock from the sun, only 1% of is it is usable for human consumption?  I’m going to make a bet that for all the teeth brushing, egg boiling and lawn care each of us does each day, we only think about our water use when the tap goes out or some one like me writes a post or does a news story full of doom and gloom about running out of water!   Well this little article isn’t going to chastise you about your wasteful ways, nor is it going to predict that by 20something or other we are going to be a dry parched landscape devoid of life.  Instead, I am going to offer you a very simple and elegant way to conserve water and beautify your outdoor living space at the same time.  I am speaking of Rain Gardens.

Rain Gardens

Put most simply, Rain Gardens are plantings designed to capture water run offs to use as irrigation.  There are many benefits to Rain Gardens including reducing the need for traditional watering systems and preventing the erosion that can cause flooding.  Here in the St. Croix River Valley, Rain Gardens have the added potential of supporting the health of our gorgeous St. Croix River.  By reducing the pollution that can flow into the river by up to 30%, Rain Gardens help to promote a cleaner body of water from which the great Water Cycle can draw and renew.  Not only will your Rain Garden be an uncomplicated conservation effort, it will also promote biodiversity, drawing native butterflies, birds and beneficial insects to your yard for the enjoyment of all. Join St. Croix Valley Landscaping in our quest to conserve water, promote bio diversity and keep our beloved St. Croix River a beautiful and sustaining landmark for many years to come.


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