Project Galleries

Gallery 1
Gallery Stone
Stone from fields, rivers and local quarries brings an exceptionally natural look to your landscape.  Artfully placed stone seems to belong, is timeless and evokes a landscape of natural and simple elegance.

Gallery 2
Gallery Flora
 Plants provide us with a host of sensory pleasures-shade, fragrance, taste, texture, color, sound and visual delight. They offer enjoyment and nourishment for our body and spirit.

Gallery 3
Gallery Brick
The Earth element in brick pavers and block walls comes through in a wide variety of colors, styles and shapes. Design options are endless  as well as laying patterns that compliment the architectural style of your home. Read more about the benefits of pavers.

Gallery 4
Gallery Water
Water features add beauty, style and grace to any landscape. As a dramatic focal point and piece of art, a water feature also has a magically relaxing effect. From contemporary, to sophisticated to rustic and charming, we offer many different sizes, materials, and styles to choose from to fit your unique lifestyle.


Gallery 5
Gallery Fire
The Fire element creates warmth, comfort and fascination drawing people outdoors to gather, cook and enjoy its ambiance . Extend the day, extend the season with a fire feature where choices range from small fire tables to large fire places 


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