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Poor drainage Erosion
Compacted Soil Steep Slope
Excessive Runoff Other Grade problems

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Special Needs:
Screening Windbreak Fence Traffic Noise
Snow problems Too little shade Too much shade Not enough lawn
Too much lawn poor driveway Traffic turnaround Poor walks
Paths on turf Tree/Plant removal Shoreline restoration  

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Service Areas - items you'd like incorporated into the landscape design:
Clothes line Boat/trailer storage
Compost area Dog kennel

Vegetable garden, approx. size? Any edible plants to incorporate?

Recreational/Entertainment Areas:
Casual dining Outdoor great room Grill/Fire pit
Reading/Relaxing Outdoor kitchen Swimming pool

How many people do you entertain at a time?

What vantage points do you spend time viewing your landscape?

Hardscape Items/Materials:
Patio Hot tub Parking Stairs/Steps
Planters Deck Boulders Retaining wall
Paths Arbor Gazebo Pond/Waterfalls
Sauna Bench Pergola  

Other Hardscape Items:

Amount of time expected to maintain the landscape: Peak Season hrs/wk:

Off Season hrs/wk:

What size is your lawnmower?

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Installation: Approximately what percentage will owners install?

What is the approximate budget for the project: 

Project begin date:

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Other comments:

What areas are the priorities for installation?

Garden Planting Preferences I would like my plants to provide:
Spring interest Summer interest Fall interest
Winter interest Shade Privacy
Fragrance Energy efficiency Bird
Butterfly Cut flower Edible food


The mood of my garden should be:
Bright/Cheerful Relaxing Meditative
Formal/Structured Private Informal

List your favorite colors:

Any plants/colors you don't like:

List your favorite perennials, trees or shrubs

Any favorite plants you remember from childhood?

I am interested in the following types of gardens:
Prairie Butterfly Entry
Rain Mailbox Herb
Kitchen Healing Water
Meditation Bog/Meadow  


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