What is Functional Landscaping?

With uncertain times in the economy, many people are spending more time at home and discovering the rewards of enhancing their lifestyle by connecting with nature in their own backyard.  When you begin planning a landscape, the task may seem overwhelming. Looking at all the possible functions on your property is where we help you get started. Some common functions clients request for their landscape are to beautify their property, provide entertainment and recreation areas. 

Most landscapes have so much more potential for multiple functions than most homeowners are aware is possible. When a landscape is thoughtfully planned, it can provide edible plants, enhancement for butterflies and a way to harvest rainwater.  A good design can also add more living space to your home in the warm seasons and provide a window to the natural world during colder months.

When you come home after a long day and have a place to sit and relax peacefully by the sound of flowing water, or enjoy hanging out with friends around a fire in the evening or be able to watch a bluebird feed it’s young, that is functional landscaping.

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